After the first six rhinos were translocated in 2004 and 2005, a period of four years elapsed before the first calf was born in March 2008.  Sadly this calf was stillborn to mother Bella.  In June 2009 we had a healthy calf born and named him Obama.  There were two reasons he was named Obama, he made history by being the first rhino born in Uganda in approximately 30 years and his mother hails from the United States and his father from Kenya.

Subsequent to the first rhino’s birth, 13 more were born in regular intervals, with the last one born on 26 December 2016. Of the 14 calves, 8 are male and 6 are female,  Sadly one male calf succummed due to injuries inflicted in a fight. The current total of rhino on the sanctuary is 19 :- 10 males and 9 females. Mating has been ongoing, promising further additions to the group. One interesting aspect that transpired, was the inter-calving interval which is close to two-years, this very short interval can only be explained as due to a safe environment and excellent grazing throughout the year.

Our Vision

To repopulate Uganda’s National Parks with rhinoceros.

Our Mission

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary’s mission is to apply sound conservation principles whereby a safe environment is created in which rhinos can be conserved for future generations. In addition, through conservation education and community upliftment programs, win the hearts and minds of the surrounding communities, as well as Uganda as a whole, to ensure their support of this rhino conservation and reintroduction program.