Ziwa rhino sanctuary is a popular destination and most of the tour operators travelling from Kampala towards Murchison include a stop at the sanctuary as a permanent part of their itineraries. Feedback from visitors is extremely positive, and our visitor numbers are expected to continue to grow!

A security force of 80 Rangers of which many are armed, patrols the fence, guard the gates, and monitor the rhinos 24 hours per day. The sanctuary is not only home to the rhinos but also to approximately 20 other species of wildlife as well as 300 different bird species highlighting Uganda’s unique biodiversity and emphasizing the importance of conserving it. The conservation effort is proving successful as we see the numbers of wildlife growing within the sanctuary.

Our rangers are also very active with Anti Poaching activities around the sanctuary. Furthermore, Rhino Fund Uganda assists the local communities by capturing problem animals like crocodile and python. These problems animals after capture are released into a safe environment.