Being in continual quest for securing a safe and better place for rhinos to breed & be protected from human and non-human predators as we gradually re-introduce them into Uganda's national parks, we need to raise funds to enable the project move forward.

We're developing a brick wall on our website to feature and honour all individuals, families, and institutions/companies/organisations that are willing to buy a brick worth USD 50.

The funds raised through the brick wall campaign will support Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary towards achieving its vision and mission. If you have already paid for a brick, check the brick wall to see if you can spot your BRICK.

To buy a brick now, click here


Zoe Kumper

29 September 2011
Good Luck. I loved all the Babies. Best wishes from China.

Leo Martin

31 December 2010
Education is a right of every child and adult

Anusmita Basu, India

05 July 2011
Save the Rhinos. Save the World. Make it a Better Place. Keep Clean, Go Green!!

Kagoro Maureen

August 2010
Good Luck. I wish you well!!

Pilkington K. Sengendo

August 2010
Very Good Ideas! Keep It Up.

The Russell Family

Novemeber 2010
Best Wishes for the success of your anticipated school projects

Matt + Holly

26 November 2010
Keep up the Fantastic Work

Roger, Anne, Marlow (UK)

January 2011
Well Done on Working Hard, for Caring for Bella - the others Keep it up!

Arne & Lotle

05 November 2011
You Do a Great Job. THANK YOU!

Elise, Bunga Kampala

Pole Kazi! Thanks so much for making me feel at home. See you soon!

Guest Family, Philippines

05 January 2011
No No No! Don't kill the Rhinos. Save the RHINOS!

Yvonne Sewankambo

05 January 2011
I hope your project goes according to plan. Thanks for saving the Rhinos!! It was all so beautiful to see.

Jono + Tom, Quayle (UK)

Didn't Hunters Pursue the Animals to point of extinction? What a Plonker

Leonie & Jojo

13 February 2012

University of St. Thomas – Minnesota (U.S.A)

19 January 2011
Thanks for the Great Work

Mirembe Phiona

07 August 2010
First to buy a brick on the school fund


29 April 2011
Good Luck with Baby's. I Like Obama!

Brig and Don

Good Luck. Dr Tout Coeur Avec Vous

Emile, Rinaldo

Was Here!! Travel 2 Uganda! Rhinos Rock

The Davays, Kenya

Thank You for Your Care of Special Animals

Ella Wanendeya

Education is Your Passport to Life

Carlotta Milletti

23 February 2011
Travel 2 Uganda Waz Here!! This is the Coolest Place Eva!!

Eaus ORLAND, Kampala Uganda

14 November 2010
More Rhinos!! Good Job Keep it Up. PROTECT THE RHINOS!!

Mary Lou, Wisconsin (U.S.A)

August 2010
Follow your dreams. The world is an empty slate! Peace, Joy, Love

Keith & Jean Dodds

05 March 2011
Best Wishes from SCOTLAND to UGANDA. Education is the Answer.

Gerd, Norden (Germany)

29 April 2011
Save the rhinos and teach your children well, 'cause they're the future of your country

The Collettas, KENYA

Keep Up The Excellent Work!

Anonymous Donor

I Hope Nandi gets a Girl I Love Seeing the Rhinos in the Wild Especially When I see Obama. Let the Rhinos Live

Parents of Elise

We Admire Your Work Here in ZIWA. We Wish you all the BEST. Beja en Rinus u/d Neut


08 August 2010
Seeing them was a great experience. Thank you for the Memories

American School of Dubai

April 2011

Jennifer Hazel Kasoma

14 November 2010
Keep the Beautiful RHINOS Alive and PROTECTED

Leo Martin

December 2010
Education is a right of every child and adult


RHINO Project Future Investment

Suzie B., Janesville, Wisconsin (U.S.A)

August 2010

Lindsay Jane

25 Septemnber 2010
Thank you! Keep up the Excellent Work

Nelson Sewankambo

05 January 2011
Great Project With a Bright Future. Well Done

Tom Burley Zolo & Grinvia Burley Zolo

Thank you very much for the great experience. Keep up the good work and see you soon. The best Rangers EVER