THE five-day-old baby rhino at Nakitoma in Nakasongola district is playful and adorable, the sanctuary managers have said.

The mother is still too protective, but the baby is extremely playful, said Angie Genade, the executive director of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Nandi, the 10-year-old mother, was aggressive towards the intrusion of wildlife officials and journalists who rushed to the sanctuary after The New Vision broke the story of the birth of the rhino on Monday.

Rhino Gives Birth in Uganda

A calf has been born among the six rhinos living at the breeding sanctuary in Nakasongola district. This is the first birth of a rhino in Uganda in the last 20 years and brings the total to nine.

The calf is three days old, but the mother is too protective.

THE South African government has offered two black rhinos to help Uganda create its breeding population.

The Government and the Uganda Wildlife Authority are preparing for the translocation of the rhinos to Uganda, said Justus Tindigarukayo, the assistant commissioner in-charge of wildlife in the tourism ministry.

GRUEILING, challenging and interesting best describe Saturday's City Tyres Rhino Stampede at On Course Training Site off Entebbe Road.

The event aimed at raising funds for white rhinos. Rhino Fund Uganda was started to re-introduce rhinos in Uganda. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was set up as a breeding ground for white and black rhinos.

UGANDA'S new white rhinos will spend a few months in the bomas (confines), before they are released to explore the wider Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

The two rhinos, a five-year-old male and a seven-year-old female, were donated by Disney Animal Kingdom in Florida last week. They have been named Hasani and Nande respectively.

THE holiday season may be more than a month away, but here is an excuse to get away at an excursion in a relaxing countryside setting. Pack your bags for Ziwa Ranches in Nakasongola District.

After 170 kilometres (about 2 hours drive) from Kampala to the ranch, you will not only have arrived at the biggest ranch in the country but you will wallow in the wild with duikers, bush bucks, crocodiles, hippos and a variety of birds including the shoebill stock.

AFTER three years of fundraising, training and construction, the first white rhinos set foot on Ugandan soil on Tuesday.

They were transported to Zziwa Ranch in Nakitoma, Nakasongola district, on Wednesday. Rhino Fund Uganda spearheaded the efforts and lobbied different groups to support the campaign to reintroduce rhinos in the country.

State minister for tourism Jovino Akaki has intervened in a dispute between two wildlife institutions over the proposed relocation of two white rhinos to Nakasongola sanctuary, reports Gerald Tenywa.

Speaking recently, Akaki said the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which is the lead wildlife agency, had approved that the rhinos be part of the breeding stock.

THE four rhinos acquired to revive the endangered species in Uganda will arrive in the country this month, after a successful capture operation in Kenya.

The two males and two females of the Southern White sub-species will be transported by the wildlife authorities of the two countries to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola district.

THE European Union (EU) has given a grant of 390,000 euros (sh800m) to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) for the ongoing establishment of a rhino sanctuary in Masindi.

Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) chief Prof. Wolfgang Thome said the money was being used for fencing and grading the site located on 18,000 acres of Zziwa ranch land.

SPARSE human population and a semi-arid landscape with extensive grassland have over the years attracted cattle ranchers to Nakasongola district. Because of this, the area was assumed to be part of the cattle corridor.s But this might soon change with the setting up of a sanctuary for endangered rhinos.

At Ziwa Ranchers, located about 200 km from Kampala, the vegetation has attracted the Rhino Fund Uganda to rear rhinos where cattle have grazed for years.

UGANDA is set to import the endangered rhinos following funding from various donors amounting to sh1b, Yvonne Verkaik the coordinator of Rhino Fund Uganda has said, writes Gerald Tenywa.

In a press release, she said the EU is to contribute 382,000 Euros, the US Fish and Wildlife (Rhino and Tiger Fund) gave $30,000 and the Dutch Embassy gave 21,700 Euros.

THE Rhino Fund Uganda is seeking US$400,000 this year to work on the Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola district where the black and white rhinos will be bred.

This fund would among other activities help to construct an electric fence around a portion of the 70 square kilometre sanctuary, which would initially be the holding ground for the rhinos.

Work on the future rhino sanctuary in Nakasongola district has started.

Rhino Fund Uganda Executive Director Yvonne Verkaik said in a statement, that over 1200 square meters of bush have already been cleared for an airstrip where flown in rhinos, tourists and emergency veterinary will land.

UGANDA will not get back the original white rhinos that became extinct about two decades ago. Yvonne Verkaik, the coordinator of Rhino Fund Uganda, told The New Vision on Saturday that only 50 of the northern white rhinos, which used to stay in Uganda, are left globally.

Garama Game Park in the DR Congo has 35 of the rhinos and the rest are kept in Zoos of San Diego in USA and another in Czech Republic. Verkaik said the northern and southern rhinos are sub species of white rhinos.